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What we are ABOUT & what we are DOING

We are a youth agripreneur enterprise with one Overall objective which is, to contribute significantly in addressing the issue of food security in Kenya and around the globe by establishing a reliable food production and distribution enterprise. To achieve the above objective, we appreciate that it will be a journey and therefore we will break it down into various milestones or phases which we have categorized as follows.
Starting phase: The objective in this phase is to establish the business in a small scale version. The profits realized from this phase will facilitate the acquisition of larger pieces of land.
Expansion phase: In this phase, the focus will be on expansion or increase of land under cultivation, therefore the focus will be on the acquisition of land progressively
Synergizing phase: At this stage, the focus will be the optimization of production achieved under the expansion phase, at this stage a throughout the year production should be achieved and distribution outlets rolled out.
Replication phase: Upon achieving optimal production under synergizing phase, we shall now focus on replication of the synergized farm in other tracks of land in other areas with necessary adjustments to suit the climate and the market target.


Currently we are running an agribusiness project that in Nakuru county on a small 3-acre farm where we have been growing cabbages for the last one year. We established an irrigation system to irrigate the crops during dry spells since the land is adjacent to a permanent river. This has made it possible to match the crops with high demand seasons, thus more profitable.

On distribution we have familiarized ourselves with several vegetable markets in different parts of the country, thereby overcoming most of the inefficiencies in the distribution chains in Kenya. we also have a 5-ton truck that use to distribute the crops to the markets and urban residential areas; this ensures we fetch the best possible prices for our crops improving the profitability of this project, and ensuring Kenyans have access to vegetables they need.

This project has been a success and we have acquired a lot of experience in the same, this has been a confirmation of our belief that we have a lot of potentials in Kenya and around the world especially in semi-arid areas as long as we are willing to invest in those areas. This is the reason we have felt compelled to take up the challenge and invest in these forsaken areas with the hope that our success will be a motivation for others to follow. And finally, together we shall achieve a food secure society.

What we WANT TO DO

There has been a lot of funds that have been devoted to mobilizing farmers to take up the challenge of unlocking the potential in semi-arid areas but there has been very little uptake of the same since most farmers in Kenya are old persons and are not willing to take up the risk, as the old saying goes you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

Following our success in our small farm in Nakuru and the fact that we are a youth-owned company, we are willing to take the risk and unlock the potential in these areas.

We are therefore looking to acquire 20 to 25 acres of land in machakos county or in mwingi along river tana and set up a modern mechanized irrigated farm (with greenhouses, open field farming and fish farming) to be a motivation and a model to others and to make an impact in our food security situation. We hope that this project will be a success and we will expand it to many more acres, synergize it and replicate it in other areas. We hope that the multiplier effect will even be bigger than the farm itself.

This is why we need your support

Access to capital in kenya especially among youth enterprises in a huge challenge and a hindrance to success of many transformative ideas.

We have therefore decided to use a different approach to raising the Capital that we need. We are conducting crowdfunding, looking for angel investors who are willing to jump-start us in this transformative journey. And this is where we are seeking your support.

We are not only looking for grants and donations, we are open to taking loans which we can discuss terms and interest rates. contact us about this.

Why raise support yet we are a limited company and not an NGO?

We chose to use the corporate structure as opposed to the NGO structure because we want this initiative to be self-sustaining through the profits generated since agriculture is commercially viable.  Using the NGIO structure will limit our capacity to generate profits making the initiative dependent on regular donations.

So for us we are only looking for one time support that will kick start us, and we will be the ones giving back to the society someday soon.

Required support.

We are looking to acquire 20 to 25 acres of land in machakos county or in mwingi along river tana and set up a modern mechanized irrigated farm (with greenhouses, open field farming and fish farming) Our working budget is Ksh10,125,000 (USD 94,000)

This will jump start us in this transformative journey, we believe that it will be an exciting journey and many lives will be touched directly and indirectly and above all soon we will be a food secure society.

Ways through which you can financially support us.

UBUNTU -I am, because you are.  As a society we are strong, when we stick together and hold each other’s hand.  Your support big or small will go a long way to kick starting us in this transformation journey that we are undertaking. NO amount is too small to give.

Online support through Paypal

to ensure safety of the transactions, we are using paypal system which we believe its very safe.

Direct wire transfer

You can send your support directly to our bank account in support of this cause.


Equity bank Fourways – Muindi Mbingu St, Nairobi

AC NO: 00201770000171



Or through Mpesa  

Phone number: +254 707 033 132

Want to offer us a loan

We are not only looking for grants and donations, we are open to taking loans which we can discuss terms and interest ratescontact us about this.


Let’s unlock agricultural productivity Potential of Kenya

Our Products Range

Our products, we will practice mixed farming, where we will produce various crops such as

vegetables – Tomatoes, cabbages, spinach and other African vegetables

Fruits – such as water melons, oranges over time, and other fruits variety

Tubers – such as bulb onions, potatoes, carrots among others

Cereals – maize(corn), wheat, peas, beans and other cereals

Fish – we will do fish farming using the same water that we will be irrigated crops with.

Poultry – Over time we will establish poultry farming to avoid wastage of various byproducts

We will start with few products but gradually increase them as our land size increases also, we intend to start with about 25 acres so we will have limited number of crops at this time but we hope that over time we will have several thousands of acres which will translate to more crop varieties to spread the risk and ensure we provide various food varieties which people need.

Questions that you might have

currently we are not issuing shares and therefore your support will not be converted or deemed as subscription of shares, all the same, we will keep a record of all our supporters and they will be the pillars of this initiative

well, that’s a valid question, well at the moment we are not issuing shares in exchange for your support, we have a rewards that we have listed above, and we commit to fulfil each of them.

But most important reward is not the basket, cottage, or legacy rather the transformation that your support will bring forth in the lives of many who will be directly and indirectly involved.

The reward is is achieving a food secure society.

The reward is in touching a life.

We will gather all the contacts of our donors and supporters and we will keep them updated with our progress each step of the way (with their permission).

we will ensure that each cent raised is only used for business purposes only.

We will share our financial records with our donors and supporters since they are part of us, and we might not achieve much without them.