About Us

Who We Are

According to United Nations two key issues needs to be addressed by 2030, these are Goal 2: Zero Hunger and Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy which are among the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world. In Kenya and among developing countries these remains highly underachieved.

We are therefore focused towards significantly contributing towards the achievement of these goals. through Various Ventures, projects and Partnerships that will facilitate the achievement of these objective.

Value Statement.

mission statement: To research, invent, innovate and invest in solutions that advance the quality of human life.

vision statement: to be the leader in advancing the quality of human life around the globe.

Core values:
• integrity
• Innovation
• Sustainability
• Synergy

What we are ABOUT

We are a youth agripreneur enterprise with one Overall objective which is, to contribute significantly in addressing the issue of food security in Kenya and around globe by establishing a reliable food production and distribution enterprise. To achieve the above objective, we appreciate that it will be a journey and therefore we will break it down in varies milestones or phases which we have categorized as follows.
Starting phase: The objective in this phase is to establish the business in a small scale version. The profits realized from this phase will facilitate the acquisition of larger pieces of land.
Expansion phase: In this phase, the focus will be on expansion or increase of land under cultivation, therefore the focus will be on the acquisition of land progressively
Synergizing phase: At this stage, the focus will be the optimization of production achieved under the expansion phase, at this stage a throughout the year production should be achieved and distribution outlets rolled out.
Replication phase: Upon achieving optimal production under synergizing phase, we shall now focus on replication of the synergized farm in other tracks of land in other areas with necessary adjustments to suit the climate and the market target.

How we are Doing it differently

At HKING Limited, we have established ourselves on research and innovation in handling of our projects

Our Target areas: While many parties venturing into agriculture focus on areas that have sustainable rainfall and have always been under farming, we do not limit ourselves to such areas only, but we tackle even the semi-arid areas which have been highly abandoned despite their immense size and potential.

Our Experience: We are experienced in farming and we are not shying away from investing more into the research of better methods and better crops.

Our Approach: While many Africans approach agriculture casually and traditionally, we approach it with the seriousness it deserves keeping in mind our existence as a human race depends on it. We, therefore, employ modern technology and methods of farming to achieve high yields and conserve our environment.

Our Team: We believe in deploying a highly trained labor force, in order to achieve high-quality products for our consumers

Our Innovations: The changing climate change, technological advances, emerging and re-emerging health, food security issues amongst other factors, call for a rethink to traditional approaches to agriculture. HKING limited is constantly exploring new solutions to these challenges faced by humanity.

Synergy: Nature in itself exists in a synergized form, we make it our endeavor to replicate this synergy that is naturally occurring in our production, in order to minimize our environmental footprint and preserve our quality of life.

Let's Contribute Towards a BettersuccessfulFood secureSociety